About Us

Image of Julia with a black kitten

Julia - Owner & Crazy Cat Lady

Hello there, my name is Julia and I am the force behind Kitchen Cat Textiles, along with my five cats! I love to hoard fabric and occasionally turn it into fun kitchen textiles like oven mitts, cotton topped kitchen towels, aprons and tea cozies! I love to use fabrics that you might not find in regular kitchen stores. I love using unique fabrics, especially ones with cats! Mixing and matching the fabrics is the most fun - Who doesn't love cats and beer together! I also make lavender sleep masks, using French lavender and buck wheat husks, because I want nothing more than to sleep like my cats! And of course I also make catnip toys!

Our Staff

Photo of Peewee

Peewee - Product Manager

Peewee (or P-Nerd) is the one who checks the quality of all the materials I use to create the products for you. If anything is sub-standard she will let me know with the sweetest little chirps (she only meows at 3am when carrying one of her toys!) Between P-Nerd and myself you can rest assured that quality products are being created at Kitchen Cat Textiles!

Maxx - CFO (Chief Feline Officer)

As my most senior staff member, Maxx is my 18 year old kitty who has been with me for about 15 years. Maxx is the CFO - Chief Feline Officer here at Kitchen Cat Textiles. He helps with all sorts of behind the scenes work from book keeping, show applications and project ideas. He also helps pick the animal rescue that we donate to each quarter. These rescues have been both local and international. Sadly animals all over the world need help.

Photo of Maxx
Photo of Blye

Captain Blye - Quality Control Officer

Let me introduce Captain Blye to you all. He is my one-eyed tripod kitty that I adopted when he was 6 months old. That was over 10 yrs ago. Blye usually does his own thing for most of the day but when I am making catnip toys he seams to appear out of no where! He is the lead of my Quality Control team... he makes sure that there is enough catnip in each toy!

Pinball - Community Support Program Lead

Pinball is 6 years old and the head of our Community Support Program here at Kitchen Cat Textiles. This department researches and figures out which rescues we will be donating to. Over the years we have supported local and international rescues (Ladybird Animal Sanctuary, Welland & District Humane Society, Dublin RSPCA and Peluditos Con Futuro). Pinball knows the importance of supporting rescue as she is one herself, and one with special needs. She also has Cerebellar Hyperplasia, a neurological condition. Supporting animal rescue organizations is a cause very near and dear to our hearts. #adoptdontshop

Photo of Pinball
Photo of Knuckles

Knuckles - Snuggle Break Manager

Meet Knuckles. He is a 7 year old chonk who has been blind since 3 months old. He was born to a feral mom in a barn and had no medical attention when an eye infection set in. The damage done was too much so it was decided to remove both his eyes so he can live a happy, healthy life (which he does!). Knuckles is the lead in our Mandatory Snuggle Break program. He makes sure that I don't work too hard and takes time to reset and recharge with some Purr therapy. Self care is always better with a cat!