Hamilton Street Cats Fundraiser!

Street cats, feral cats…for many who live in cities they may never see them, but in some areas, they are very prevalent.

Did these cats choose this harsh life…No, unfortunately, we humans are responsible for this life! Too often cats are tossed outside to ‘fend’ for themselves. There are many reasons for this - It is no longer a cute kitten, she has gone into heat and making a lot of noise, he is spraying in the house, they are scratching the furniture, we can’t afford to fix it and don’t want to deal with kittens, people have moved and didn’t take their cat…the list goes on and on!

In many of these communities there are kind-hearted people who are willing to help these forgotten kitties. But many don’t know where to get help… This is where Hamilton Street Cats (HSC) saves the day!

HSC works with concerned community members (who have registered with the HBSPCA’s TNVR program) to help educate, provide resources and facilitate Trap/Neuter/Vaccinate/Return. TNVR is the humane approach that involves trapping, sterilizing, vaccinating, microchipping, ear tipping and returning to the area, where the caregiver will continue to look after them outdoors. As well as putting a stop to the population growth, it improves the quality of life, not only for the cat, but for the community.

Please help me support this great organization by purchasing a specially designed sleep mask with a left ear tip! The mask is filled with Organic French Lavender and buckwheat husks.

There will be 3 different patterns to choose from. The masks are $20 each with $10 going to HSC to support their efforts in our city. Free pick up in the Rosedale area of Hamilton or add $2 for shipping.