The Bunny Collection

Spring is just a couple hops around the corner and it’s the perfect time to launch this collection.  Bunnies are not just for Easter!  This collection has a great range of Bunny designs, whether they are just part of your Easter decor or you want to enjoy them all year long.  I hope this collection brings a smile to face just as it has mine.

Sadly there are many rabbits that end up in shelters because Easter is over and the interest in taking care of bunny is too much work.  That is why 10% of each purchase from this collection will be donated to Ladybird Animal Sanctuary.  Ladybird rescues cats, dogs and small animals and is a champion for seniors, those with costly medical issues, and so­-called ‘hard to adopt’ animals. Through the countless lives forever impacted through Ladybird’s efforts, we know that every life is worth saving and that a loving home awaits all these deserving creatures.

If you are thinking about adding a rabbit to your family, please remember that rabbits are not toys and they are typically not appropriate pets for children. Rabbits are complex creatures—socially, psychologically, and physiologically. They require a great deal of special care and supervision. If you make the decision to add rabbits to your family do some research, talk to rabbit owners and  please don’t buy from a pet store; instead, adopt from your local animal shelter or rabbit adoption group, like Ladybird!